Publication - 150 x 210cm, 16 Pages


Made as a quickfire response in direct opposition to the plans made by the British Government to bomb Syria in which UK Prime Minister David Cameron brandished anyone who opposed the planned attacks "terrorist sympathisers". The large format roll and accompanying publication use a poem written by myself named "Yes, I Am A Sympathiser", outlining the nations sympathy with those who will now be affected by the bombing of their home. The piece consists of a six metre long roll with the poem depicted in a distorted manner representing the nations confusion and anger over the decision. The roll is designed to be interacted with and quickly applied and unravelled as a form of pop up protest. The piece was taken to and used at the 2016 'Stop Bombing Syria' protest in London and the accompanying publications containing a paginated version of the roll were handed out as free supporting take-away booklets.

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