Will Knight      

Commercial / Editorial / Education

Freelance creative, art director and educator based between London and Newcastle.

Previously Creative Lead at It’s Nice That.


The LEGO Piece Garden

A nature-filled, interactive space promoting adult play and mindfulness at London Design Festival 2023. The immersive pop-up store encouraged visitors to escape the busy city and reconnect with their creativity in a mindful way, showcasing the power of LEGO as a creative tool.

Using our playful prompt cards visitors could design their own bespoke LEGO botanicals that would then live on the walls of our collaborative, community garden. Attendees could also attend creative workshops with our 2 artists in residence - encouraging attendees to learn new creative techniques and find mindful flow using creativity.

The project attracted over 5,500 visitors across its 9 day opening and saw a combined project reach of over 2.5 million. It was also nominated for the Best Use Of Experimental at Campaign Media Awards 2024.

A full overview of the project can be found here.
Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with It’s Nice That & Anyways Creative.
  2. Artists in residence: Alec Doherty & Charlotte Mei.
  3. Graphic design by Ciaran Birch.   
  4. Floral set design by Alice Helps.

LEGO x It’s Nice That 

Spotify Playlists

Working with a variety of global Spotify teams on a collection of bespoke playlist covers for use across their platforms. Each individual playlist cover and it’s surrounding design system was created to authentically reflect the sound, culture, location and community of the music, its artists, and its listeners.

Playlists include an Internet rap playlist for Poland, a TikTok focussed playlist for the UK, a playlist celebrating the culture and music of Napoli, and a goth-inspired dark trap playlist.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team. 
  2. Graphic design by Ciaran Birch, Sebastián Chicchón.

Spotify x It’s Nice That

Dropbox: Indoors Zine

Indoors Zine was a project celebrating “the great indoors” which visualised the effect Covid-19 was having on the creative community, and the different ways individuals were finding comfort at this time. 

The zine brought together 20 leading creatives from all over the globe to combat creative isolation, and create a sense of togetherness, empathy, and fun at a time when many felt most alone.

Indoors Zine was downloaded over 7,000 times and demonstrated that with the right tools, creatives can still collaborate and achieve amazing things while working remotely. 

A full overview of the project can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Commissions by Clarice Tudor, Saehan Parc, Studio YUKIKO, Lilian Martinez, Kate Isobel Scott, Nadine Redlich, Tom Guilmard, Linda Nwachukwu, Simon Landrein, James O’Brien, Hannah Buckman, Hezin, Aaron Denton, Ryan Haskins, Suzy Chan, Csilla Klenyánszi, Alexander Coggin, Pelle Cass, Panolo Blahnik, Mirka Laura Severa.

Dropbox x It’s Nice That


Defining and maintaining the visual brand and creative direction for multi multi-award-winning musician Sigrid.

Working closely with the artist and the team at Island Records I established a visual language for Sigrid which would be ownable, recognisable, and reflective of the her background, personality, and interests.

This work defined how Sigrid was announced to the world in her debut Don’t Kill My Vibe campaign rollout, and follow-up album Sucker Punch, spanning album covers, photoshoots, merchandise, music videos, stage and set design, websites, social media and more. The work continues to the built upon by the Island Records team across Sigrids latest releases.  

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with Charlie Drinkwater (Island Records).
  2. Photography by Francesca Allen.

Island Records, Universal Records 

On The Edge: Conscious Comics

A series of impactful comic strips bringing awareness, appreciation and focus to a selection of endangered species for the conservation action charity On The Edge.

The comic format was chosen in order to communicate scientific insight in a digestible and accessable way, with each story blending scientific context and emotional narratives in order to tell sometimes complex stories in a relatable manner. The resulting series of comic strips were brought to life by 4 different commissioned artists, each telling a different story from the natural world in an accessible and impactful way.

The full set of Conscious Comics, as well as a written overview of the project can be found here.
Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Art Direction by Barbara Ryan.
  3. Graphic design by Ciaran Birch.
  4. Comic Artworks by Cory Feder, Jer Dee, María Medem, Min Heo.

On The Edge x It’s Nice That

Mailchimp: All In A Days Work

An award winning animated series of comedy shorts showing the ups, downs, and sometimes painful truths of being a business owner today. Episodes include an anxious florist who is struggling with her new employee’s hayfever; a founder whose carefully crafted Zoom set-up comes crashing down on an important call; and a designer who tries to charm his way through an investor meeting, despite some less-than-impressive profit figures. 

The project spans 22 episodes, over 4 series, and has amassed over 3 million impressions as well as gaining press from the likes of Campaign and Trendhunter, winning multiple Telly Awards and being shortlisted for both ADC Awards and ANDY's.

The full episodes can be viewed here, and a full behind the scenes look at the making of the series can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Series’ 3 & 4 Art Direction by Karl Toomey.
  3. Series’ directed by BUCK, Siqi Song, Effie Pappa, Catherine Prowse.

Mailchimp x It’s Nice That

Today At Apple: New World

An inspirational series of hands-on virtual sessions and creative guides with top artists and designers from across the globe, made in collaboration with Apple. 

The 12-week programme focussed on exploring the power of creativity to bring about change, fostering connection and collaboration, and learning new creative skills to rebuild a better world.  Commissioned collaborators included award-winning interdisciplinary artist SHAN Wallace, acclaimed director & photographer Joshua Kissi and Tré Seals, founder of the community focussed foundry Vocal Type.

The campaign achieved a total reach of over 47 million, with the sessions gaining over 25,000 sign-ups.

A full overview of the project can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Identity by Gianluca Alla, Ali Hanson & Alexis Jamet.

Apple x It’s Nice That 

The Figma Playbook

A playful zine exploring the value of play in design through a range of essays, activities, visual commissions and more. The Playbook showcased the benefits of spontaneous thinking and curiosity through design and was distributed to all attendees at Figma’s annual conference, Config.

Some notable pieces included “ten rules for play” with Paula Scher, an essay on the importance of curiosity and iteration in a world where the possibilities are endless, a piece providing helpful advice on seeking out the “what if?” moment to kickstart any project, and an interpretation of Bruno Munari’s famed 12-step design methodology.

A full overview of the project can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Art Direction by Ruby Boddington.
  3. Editorial by Lucy Bourton.
  4. Graphic design by Cash & Carry Studio.
  5. Illustrations by Marcus Oakley.
  6. Poster by Shawna X.
  7. Comic by Manshen Lo.

Figma x It’s Nice That 

Google Design: Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking was an insights series in partnership with Google Design which looked at the trends, challenges and opportunities the creative industry faces in the year ahead. Through five in-depth features this series provided the creative community with thought-provoking insight and inspiration across a series of long form editorial features and social content.

The series was brought to life through a commissioned motion-led identity which sought to represent each of the core themes of the editorial content in an abstract and ambient way, cultivating a tone for the campaign which would provide a stark contrast to the world and news around us at the time.
Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Animations by Alex Moy.

Google x It’s Nice That 

BBC Earth: Rewilding Creativity

An environmentally conscious series of creative commissions showcasing the inspiration and impact that nature can provide, and how art and creativity can be a catalyst for change in the natural world. 

Through collaborations with 4 environmentally-focussed creatives covering photography, illustration, painting and 3d digital design the project showcased how our green planet can be a vital source of creative inspiration, as well as encouraging audiences to create their own work striving towards a greener future together. 

The project was created as part of Our Green Planet, a digital initiative from BBC Earth, which aims to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our planet’s green ecosystems, and to inspire audiences with stories of people around the globe dedicating their lives for positive change. 

A full overview of the project can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Editorial by Lucy Bourton.
  3. Commissioned artworks by Tami Aftab, Rose Pilkington, Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck, Charlotte Ager.

BBC Earth x It’s Nice That