Will Knight      

Commercial / Editorial / Education

Freelance creative, art director and educator based between London and Newcastle.

Previously Creative Lead at It’s Nice That.


On The Edge: Conscious Comics

A series of impactful comic strips bringing awareness, appreciation and focus to a selection of endangered species for the conservation action charity On The Edge.

The comic format was chosen in order to communicate scientific insight in a digestible and accessable way, with each story blending scientific context and emotional narratives in order to tell sometimes complex stories in a relatable manner. The resulting series of comic strips were brought to life by 4 different commissioned artists, each telling a different story from the natural world in an accessible and impactful way.

The full set of Conscious Comics, as well as a written overview of the project can be found here.
Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Art Direction by Barbara Ryan.
  3. Graphic design by Ciaran Birch.
  4. Comic Artworks by Cory Feder, Jer Dee, María Medem, Min Heo.

On The Edge x It’s Nice That