Will Knight      

Commercial / Editorial / Education

Freelance creative, art director and educator based between London and Newcastle.

Previously Creative Lead at It’s Nice That.


Dropbox: Indoors Zine

Indoors Zine was a project celebrating “the great indoors” which visualised the effect Covid-19 was having on the creative community, and the different ways individuals were finding comfort at this time. 

The zine brought together 20 leading creatives from all over the globe to combat creative isolation, and create a sense of togetherness, empathy, and fun at a time when many felt most alone.

Indoors Zine was downloaded over 7,000 times and demonstrated that with the right tools, creatives can still collaborate and achieve amazing things while working remotely. 

A full overview of the project can be found here.

Collaborators & Credits

  1. Created with the It’s Nice That team.
  2. Commissions by Clarice Tudor, Saehan Parc, Studio YUKIKO, Lilian Martinez, Kate Isobel Scott, Nadine Redlich, Tom Guilmard, Linda Nwachukwu, Simon Landrein, James O’Brien, Hannah Buckman, Hezin, Aaron Denton, Ryan Haskins, Suzy Chan, Csilla Klenyánszi, Alexander Coggin, Pelle Cass, Panolo Blahnik, Mirka Laura Severa.

Dropbox x It’s Nice That / 2020